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Advance Pattern Trading

Learn how to identify and trade common chart patterns, such as triangles, flags, and wedges using advanced method.

Course content of Advance Pattern Trading

  • Strong foundation and deep understanding about the upcoming, as well as ongoing Trend of the Market
  • Step-by-step method of identifying the Trade Entry, Exit, Stop Loss and take Profit Levels
  • Logic behind Breakout and Retest
  • How to differentiate between Breakouts and Trend Reversals Trade Setups
  • How to identify and trade the Head and Shoulders Pattern
  • Learn a step by step approach of how to trade Harmonic Patterns
  • Identify various Technical Analysis Patterns associated with Elliott wave Theory
  • Identify early Trend Reversal and continuation chart Patterns enabling you to trade in the Right Direction
  • Learn how to trade when price breaks out the Consolidation Patterns
  • An overview of Psychological trading and using mass Psychology to Trade

Benefits of this Course

  • Training in Local Languages: The course offers the flexibility to learn in your preferred language.
  • Live Trading Experience: Gain practical insights through live trading floor access.
  • Exclusive 1 on 1 Mentorship: Receive personalized guidance from instructors with over 10 years of experience..
  • Flexible Learning Options: Choose between online or offline classes to suit your learning style.
  • Post-Training Support: Get ongoing support after completing the course to address any questions or challenges.
  • Advanced Pattern Mastery: Develop expertise in identifying and trading complex chart patterns for potentially higher returns.
  • Learn from Scratch: This course can be designed for those with a solid foundation in technical analysis, or it can be adapted for beginners seeking a more comprehensive approach.
  • Revision Classes: Solidify your understanding with revision classes to revisit key concepts.

By enrolling in this Advanced Pattern Trading course, you’ll gain the ability to identify and capitalize on advanced chart patterns, potentially enhancing your trading accuracy and profitability. Remember, successful pattern trading requires practice, discipline, and a deep understanding of technical analysis.


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